Bus Stop Advertising – Who, What, Why and When!

bus stop shelter cover terminal advert advertising busstopBus Stop Advertising is one of the more popular outdoor advertising opportunities. Take into consideration the footfall around bus shelters, the frequency they are seen and the fact that they are working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year, and they can add massive impact to your advertising campaign.

Geographics and cost: Precise geographic targeting is so important for bus shelter adverts. If you carry out business locally and are looking to target local consumers whatever your industry, then bus shelter advertising is the perfect advertising vehicle. Obviously prices to advertise using this method will vary and are usually based on the location of your poster site. But the value to a local business promoting the right product to the right audience – all local consumers – is marketing gold and highly achievable using bus shelter advertising.

Who notices them? Not only are bus shelter (or bus stop) adverts seen by commuters waiting for that ever elusive bus with nothing to do but sit and stare at a grey street, they are also seen just as much by the passengers already on the bus and also passing vehicles and pedestrians. Bus shelter adverts are generally at eye level directly in view for a bored and already seated audience – the bus passengers, or the commuters waiting in traffic. We can also take into consideration that most bus rides are a tedious stop and start journey, especially in town centres with passengers always waiting for other commuters to alight and depart. Finally remember that commuters would rather avert their gaze and look out of a window rather than have to share their personal space with others sharing the journey.

So do we have an audience limited to the passengers on a bus? The answer to this one is absolutely not. Pedestrians, vehicle drivers and their passengers including business commuters, shoppers, taxi drivers, delivery drivers (all frequently stuck in traffic jams) all see your bus stop advert. It is much more preferable to look for pleasing things that catch the eye in contrast to watching a never ending line of brake lights, or a slow changing traffic light sequence that is always seemingly beyond reach.

Frequency of exposure: It is common knowledge that people usually pass the same location everyday while driving to work, or doing school runs, so the topic advertised in the bus shelters that they pass every day is repeatedly imprinted in their memory. Subliminal advertising is undisputedly one of the most effective methods, mix this with fresh innovative ideas, a show stopping design and you are on to a winner.

Impact: Creativity is of utmost importance in this type of advertising media. Bus Shelter advertising campaigns should be informative, eye catching, memorable or a mixture of all three. We can provide you with some of our favourite all time bus shelter advertising campaigns just to show how creative and effective this advertising media can be if you need some inspiration.

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